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Garlic - Study 1

It ‘s hard to find painting time these days. Preparations for Thanksgiving, birthday parties and Halloween have all eaten into my painting time. I have finally finished my little garlic study. It has turned out a little moodier than I had planned, but overall, I am happy with it. I did struggle a bit – trying to decide how much of the underlying colour to keep and how white to make the garlic. Surprisingly, the area I had the most fun painting is the small area of plaid cloth in the foreground. I might have to try more of that.

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Summer Produce 11" x 14"

As I write this post it is chilly and has been drizzling all afternoon. It is getting dark, and it’s only 6:15. This painting takes me back to a hot August day when we drove to the farm. As you can see, we brought home a little bit of everything. The most exciting find on that day was the garlic – both for the taste and the look of it. It is so much fun to paint. At first glance, it is white. But if you look more closely, it has all kinds of beautiful undertones: purple, pink, blue and yellow. I am tempted to try another study of this garlic so I can play with the intensity of these colours. But on this cold, rainy night, I am happy to be having it on my pizza.

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