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Dirt Road 2" x 2"

Cow 2" x 2"

Both of these are inspired by the Alberta landscape.

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BC Fruit

BC Fruit 11" x 14"

Yet another subject from our local farm. I had a lot of fun with these apples. It was tricky to find all the different shades of yellow and green that I saw. I was trying to make the colourful apples pop out from the background of dull brown.

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Pumpkin - Tiny Painting (1 of 3)

Pumpkin - Tiny painting 2" x 2"

Another tiny painting complete (actually I did three of these). You might notice some resemblance to the pumpkin image in my blog header above (see larger pumpkin here). I used the same reference image for both. The large one was painted about a year ago.

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Black-eyed Susans - 2" x 2"

Here are a few more of these tiny paintings. They are so much fun, but not necessarily easy. I have to constantly remind myself not to get too fussy with the details. I think the most successful of these are the ones where the details are generalized.

Grandma's Barn - 2" x 2"

Jericho Park - 2" x 2"

Red Graineries - 2" x 2"

These little paintings are available from my Etsy Store or you can send me a message directly.

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