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Cattails in Jericho Park 18" x 14"

This is the third painting in a series inspired by Jericho Park. The pond and surrounding cattails are a beautiful part of the park and a lot of fun to paint. I did, however, have some trouble with this painting. The problem I was having was that the cattails are quite complex (there’s a lot going on in those tangled up leaves), and the background is also quite complex (lots of high-contrast reflections on the pond). I wanted the cattails to be the main focus of this painting, but because the reflections on the water are so interesting, I think your eye travels there instead. I added some red to the dark cattails, hoping that they would pop to the front. I’m not sure if I have succeeded here, but it’s definitely given me something to think about.

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Jericho Arts Centre

Jericho Arts Centre (JAC) is a 135-seat performance venue located near Jericho Beach on Vancouver’s West Side. I am very happy to be showing my artwork there during the month of April. To learn more about JAC and the current performance, please visit www.jerichoartscentre.com.

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