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Old Grainery 8" x 10"

I recently met a new client who lives just a few blocks from me. She was interested in buying 2 paintings to give as 18th birthday gifts. For the first one, she chose Maple Trees, Jericho Park. For the second one, she expressed interest in my tiny painting of a grainery (shown here), but requested it at a larger size. Using the tiny one as a study, I created the new painting as an 8”x10”. These paintings will be traveling to the recipients in England. I know that some artists have trouble letting their work go, but I am very happy to pass my work along to others who appreciate it and find meaning in it. And I am very excited that it will be used to celebrate such a special occasion.


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Maple Trees, Jericho Park 8″ x 10″

I love painting trees. That is not to say that it’s easy. I chose to paint this complicated tangle of branches for practice.

I would like to do another painting of these trees in the fall, when the leaves are bright red.


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