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Sketch of me painting – By Cynthia Thom

I just had to share this beautiful birthday card that I received from my friend and fellow artist, Cynthia Thom. Although she has never seen the elevator in my home town of Mayerthorpe, she has captured it just right – complete with the railcars in the front. You can have a look at my elevator paintings here and here.


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September Maple 18 x 14

This painting has been done for a couple of weeks, however computer problems have kept me out of touch for a while.

It is an interesting experience to have your computer die. After the first feelings of frustration and panic, I realized that eliminating all of the fiddling around I do on the computer would free up a bit more painting time. I have not yet recovered my data, which means that I do not have access to my source files – several years worth of photos that I use for ideas and inspiration. So I found myself digging through my desk and found a very old file of printed photos that had once interested me. They have given me some new ideas and shifted my direction slightly. I am also anxious to get out and take some new photos – inspiration is everywhere!

(By the way, when I talk of reference photos, they are all my own pics, taken by me).

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