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A Friendly Face 8″ x 8″

It’s hard to resist a friendly face like this. We made friends instantly.


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Vines at Road 13    14″ x 18″

We spent a week in the Okanagan this summer. Our routine involved lots of swimming (unavoidable with kids) and lots of wineries – we just went for the scenery. Okay, maybe we tasted a little bit. The landscape included lots of farms, fields, fences, old buildings and ideas!

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For me, the act of painting is rewarding in itself and I need no additional incentive. I can happily lock myself away and spend hours working alone. However I have found an additional, unexpected reward that comes from painting. It gives me the opportunity to connect with interesting and talented people who I wouldn’t otherwise meet. It’s exciting when someone likes a painting enough to let me know, and even better if they decide to take one home.

Speaking of talented people, I recently delivered a painting to Jennifer Hill. We connected online a while back, after she saw some of my paintings in a coffee shop. It was great to finally meet her. I am now a regular visitor to her blog, foodess.com. If you want to find delicious recipes and amazing photos you have to take a look (and prepare to get hungry).

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