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Under the Oak Tree18" x 24"

Under the Oak Tree
18″ x 24″

I know it’s cold and grey and almost winter, but I am just now getting excited about all of my fall photos and painting ideas. Here is the first one, a bit bigger than I usually paint.

I expect to be getting into winter paintings by the time spring rolls around.


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Tangled Trees

Tangled Trees 8 x 10

When a painting isn’t going well it can be extremely frustrating. More frustrating than missing the bus or listening to the kids fight or misplacing my phone. I get slightly obsessed with fixing the problem, and sometimes resort to painting out entire sections and redoing them. I guess I can chalk it up to learning and it is probably good for me.

Should I admit when a painting has been difficult? If I admit that I am not satisfied with my work, does that mean that others might try to pick out the problems? With respect to the painting above, I will say nothing and you can make up your own mind.



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Spanish Banks Fall 18″x14″

I am always happy to paint a tree. If I am at a loss for something to paint, or if I am undecided, a tree can be an excellent subject. They are available in an endless variety of sizes, colours, shapes and positions. I am lucky to live in a city that has so many beautiful trees. This huge maple is one that I pass by frequently in Jericho Park and I’ve painted it before as a tiny painting.

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Low Tide - acrylic painting

Low Tide 8" x 8"

I recently did a painting similar to this one at a smaller size (see it here).  That painting was posted on Etsy, which gave rise to a message from a new client with a request to do a customized painting, as a gift for her mother.

The image reminded my client, Carrie, of the landscape where she grew up. She asked me if I would consider adding a hawk to the image, and explained the meaning behind it:

my grandma died when my mom was 5 or so. Whenever she sees a hawk, she feels like it is her mom keeping an eye on her and letting her know everything is o.k. Consequently, I now think of my mom when I see a hawk.

Knowing that this painting had a personal meaning to someone else made it extra special to work on. I hope Carrie and her mom enjoy this painting as much I enjoyed working on it.

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Snowed In - Tiny Painting

Snowed In - 3" x 3"

Walk in the Park - Tiny Painting

Walk in the Park - 3" x 3"

With all this cold rainy weather there’s not much to do but stay in and paint. Fine by me. These two tiny paintings are for sale on my Etsy page.

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Small Paintings

I will soon be delivering these tiny paintings to Oh Brothers. They are 3” x 3”. I love working on these little canvases and hope to finish a bunch more before Christmas (might be perfect for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list…).

In other news, I just finished another painting, but I can’t post it here yet. I have submitted it to the Anonymous Show put on by the North Vancouver Arts Council. The show will consist of over 600 unsigned 8” x 8” paintings, all priced at $100. The sale and opening is on Nov. 24, 7-9:30pm. All the info is here.

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Bridge in Jericho Park 14" x 18"

I am starting to lose track of the number of paintings I’ve done of Jericho Park. You must be getting an idea of just how much time I spend there. I love this  little bridge  and I’ve painted it before. It is surrounded by huge trees, making it great practice for painting dappled light and shadows.

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